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Oakley crossed over the console and sat on her lap. He put his head on her chest and put his left paw on her shoulder. Ellen instantly burst into tears. Oakley could sense her pain and wanted to console her aching heart. Our family, our friends and the community all love Oakley. Thank you for providing him to our family. ""I have to keep reminding myself this puppy is only 8 weeks. He is so responsive and intelligent and willing that when he has an accident I have to remind myself about not getting frustrated he is the smallest of puppies developmentally right now!hahaha. He has signaled a few times he has to go out by sitting at the door, he has learned to be gentle with the kids and rough with the parents. He sits calmly while figuring out any concerning situation and already recognizes his kennel is "safe" and runs there for a nap or when he doesn't want to share his toy with the kids or our other dog. Hilarious!I have also been surprised by how well adjusted he is.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

We also give her two short walks in the evening.

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goldendoodle rescue mo

“ They are intelligence, have a loving demeanor and are also hypoallergenic. ”