goldendoodle puppies for sale wisconsin

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Family members and friends say that they too feel better after having participated in a visit from a therapy dog. In addition to his specialized training in pet therapy, Scooter loves human contact and lots of petting. He is gentle, friendly and affectionate. She is a certified Pet Therapy dog and made over 50 visits to a local children's hospital before it became too stressful for her. In the 3 years of visiting sick children she had some pretty awesome experiences that I was fortunate enough to share with her. One child about 6 years old hadn't walked in months and the hospital staff was trying to get her out of her bed just to stand.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

5 months, continues to grow into a fine and bonnie lass.

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goldendoodle puppies for sale wisconsin

“ Top line should remain level with strong loin and level croup. ”