goldendoodle puppies for sale in ann arbor

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She’s on omeprazole to slow her spinal fluid, denamarin to protect her liver and prednisone to reduce the pressure in her brain. She has improved, but the side effects of the steroids are terrible. The panting and urination make it impossible to do anything or go anywhere and she’s a far ways from her self. Shes eating zignature turkey dog food. She is a white boxer, so healthy until now, but I’d like to see if a diet change may help. In literally a week she has become a shell of herself. I want to give her the best shot. No one knows why this happened or what caused the mass. Thanks. Does anyone have experience with a Depo Medrol shot?Two weeks ago my 10 year old Boston Terrier had to go to emergency where she was diagnosed with glaucoma. After trying to control it with medicine and draining fluid to reduce eye pressure, I ultimately opted to get a gentimicin injection to permanently control the glaucoma.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

Wanting to know what kind of dogs they are and how they can get one.

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goldendoodle puppies for sale in ann arbor

“ He is so sweet and lovable. ”