goldendoodle puppies for sale chicago

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We combine excellent confirmation, exceptional good looks, intelligence and athleticism for the perfectly balanced dog. Our puppies are bred for wonderful dispositions and temperaments to provide great companionship and use as family pets, service dogs, therapy dogs, conformation and hunting companions. You will not find more loyal, affectionate, and trustworthy companions. Every puppy is given a complete health check by a licensed vet, wormed and up to date on vaccinations when they go home. All of our adults are completely health from hereditary problems and are backed by a health guarantee. We feel we are a superior and quality breeder and hope you feel the same.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

, English bulldogs, boxers, and pugs, Siberian huskies with endocrine problems, for example.

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goldendoodle puppies for sale chicago

“ As you consider a Goldendoodle puppy for your family, one may ask, what is the breed like?They are known for a temperament that come from parent breeds that adore people. ”