goldendoodle haircuts pictures

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A human lice shampoo is also effective. When bathing a goldendoodle, start by washing the dog's face with a wet, soap free washcloth at the head and work towards the tail. Throughout the process, avoid getting shampoo in the dog's eyes. Start lathering at the top of the head and as you go, massage the Goldendoodle's neck, back, chest, belly and legs. If the dog associates bathing with pleasureable experiences, it will be much easier for both the dog and the groomer. Comb through the dog's hair with a fine toothed comb while he's lathered.


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“Dogs and cats hide their pain so getting your dogs used to checking their teeth and gums regularly at home and brushing their teeth is a wonderful way to keep their gums and teeth healthier and fight gum disease.

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goldendoodle haircuts pictures

“ Their parents, in other words, are each a golden retriever and a poodle, rather than two Goldendoodles. ”